Three easy steps to make your own custom usb drive shape.


Show us what product or logo you would like to replicate as a USB Flash Drive.

2>LOGO Branding
We provide the following imprinting services for our USB Flash drive products and packages.
Please contact us if you wish to discuss or need help on the best option for the product you wish to customise.

3>Silkscreen Printing/Pad Printing
- Works on most USB Flash drives
- Print up to 4 solid colours.
- Available to match PANTONE scale

4>Full Colour Printing
- Print an image onto a Credit Card Style USB.
- Photo effect

5>Domed Digital Printing
- Works on domed USB flash drives only.
- Logo fully protected and long lasting.
- We can accept logos with shades and gradients.

6>Laser Engraving - Works on metal USB drives and USB Pens
- Great Results and Long Lasting.
- Colour engraving also available.

7>Embossing - Works on Leather USB
- Stands out in relief also long lasting
- Great executive design

8>You can get free mock-up before placing order, please send us your logo file in following formats.

9>Data Preloading
We also provide data loading services. This is a great way to reinforce your company's message across to your clients and customers. We can add the following types of files on your branded usb flash drive:
- Applications
- Flash Content
- Powerpoint Presentations
- Company Website
- Audio / Video Files
- Word Documents

When a USB flash drive is inserted in the USB port of your computer it will automatically run your pre-loaded logo, advertisements or presentations. Your customers and clients will full access to your catalogue, products, services and company information.

We can also do a non-erasable auto-run of your important documents.

Please Note: This feature may not work with Apple Mac Computers. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns. Password Protected
Avoid unauthorized access to your USB flash drive. Users will be prompted to enter a password upon use.

We can partition a USB flash drive to create two drives in one.

12>Company Logo
You can also have you company logo show as an icon when the user inserts the USB Flash drive into their computer.